Josse graduated in 2012 from the Art Academy in Groningen in Holland as an interior architect and product designer.
Since then, she works with a passion for art and craft to jewelery & Moods from her own studio.
Design originated from an intuitive feeling and love for simplicity.
The BE2BE collection was born from the idea to design a basic jewelry line. Jewelry that is timeless and easy to combine.

The MOODS which Josse designs are tiny atmospheric images on wood made with a combination of different painting techniques.
Two years ago Josse built together with her father a 3D printer. They now print the "UNLIMITED SHELF LIFE 'lamps. A lamp with photo's. For more information on this design you can look under the heading 3D.

Besides the BIJJOSSE designs you can find also unique designs of colleagues from holland and abroad in this webshop.
An example is the exquisite handmade rings from Italy. Josse bought the jewelry herself in a small shop during a holiday in Italy. Once there she became acquainted with the goldsmith and his son is a collaboration origins and designs are sold here in the shop.

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